Sonntag, 14. November 2010

Issue: App installation Error

Sometimes some apps can't be installed. This has nothing to do with the app itself. Here is a solution:
The first step is to uninstall app that can't be downloaded( in Market Downloads-section you can uninstall it). After that Press your "Home" button to go to the Desktop of your phone.
Please press "Menu"-Button. Then select "Settings". After klick on to "Applications", then "Manage Applications". A list with your currently installed apps will show up. Please search for "Market"-App and klick on it. There you will find a button called "Clear Cache". Press it and after that press the second button called "Uninstall Updates". Now reboot your phone and start the Android Market. Now you can install the app . This should fix the problem. If not, feel free to ask or leave a comment. Thanks.
(The Android Market will re-install all updates required for Android Market automatically)


  1. Nuke Watch seams to be not compatible with Sony X10 Mini. Screen size or minimum resolution, I guess. Anything that could be done? I've had Nuke Watch on my now dying HTC for a while, I love this app and there is nothing like it.

  2. Thank you for the answer.
    Did everything as you recommended, but Nuke Watch is not available from the market on my device and is "incompatible with X10 mini" from market on my computer. If there is no incompatibility, is there any other way to get the APKT than the market?